Faculty/Staff Directory


Pamela Fulham Principal spxsch@archdiocese-no.org
Deirdre Macnamara Assistant Principal dmacnamara@spxno.org
Laura Smestad Counselor lsmestad@spxno.org
Paige LeMieux Secretary plemieux@spxno.org
Jolie Bourgeois Secretary jbourgeois@spxno.org


Sofiea Detweiler PK3-D sdetweiler@spxno.org
Suzanne Gravener PK3-D Assistant
Kelly Cummiskey PK3-C kcummiskey@spxno.org
Laura Bayer PK3-C Assistant
Wendy Kuss PK4-K wkuss@spxno.org
Kim Terranova PK4-K Assistant
Calon Darden PK4-D cdarden@spxno.org
Lori Babin PK4-D Assistant
Shannon Brauner PK4-B sbrauner@spxno.org
Mary Elizabeth DeRouen PK4-B Assistant
Rebecca Rogers K-R rrogers@spxno.org
Shannon Smith K-S ssmith@spxno.org
Jenny Yoder K-Y jyoder@spxno.org
Josette Frederick


Terri Walters 1-W twalters@spxno.org
Bronwyn Corcoran 1-C bcorcoran@spxno.org
Beth Zeringue 1-Z bzeringue@spxno.org
Stacy Fletchinger 2-F sfletchinger@spxno.org
Jennifer Linn 2-L jlinn@spxno.org
Jessica Palmer 2-P jpalmer@spxno.org
Celeste Nillen-Cade 3-N cnillencade@spxno.org
Melissa Dickey 3-D mdickey@spxno.org
Michelle Sule 3-S msule@spxno.org
Amy Morel 4-M amorel@spxno.org
Yulonda Babineaux 4-B ybabineaux@spxno.org
Laurie Landrieu 4-L llandrieu@spxno.org


Shannon Austin English 5/6; Reading 5 saustin@spxno.org
Rochelle Boulet English 7; Reading 6/7 rboulet@spxno.org
Connie Cassini Religion 7 ccassini@spxno.org
Kate Coyne Religion 5 kcoyne@spxno.org
Lori Marascalco Religion 6 lmarascalco@spxno.org
Cindy Lota Social Studies clota@spxno.org
Robyn Miltenberger Math rmiltenberger@spxno.org
Jay Napolitano Science jnapolitano@spxno.org


Connie Cassini Computer ccassini@spxno.org
Stephanie Dureau Music sdureau@spxno.org
Rodi Rodriguez Physical Education rrodriguez@spxno.org
Kayla Buchta Library kbuchta@spxno.org
Liz Karcher Spanish lkarcher@spxno.org
Liz Gibbons Art lgibbons@spxno.org
Cathy Vidos Art cvidos@spxno.org
Katie Schneider Admission kschneider@spxno.org
St. Pius X is open to all qualified students regardless of race, nationality, ethnic origin, or handicapping conditions.