Mission and Philosophy

"to renew all things in Christ"

St. Pius X is a Roman Catholic school within the Archdiocese of New Orleans. In this Christ-centered learning environment, students are taught Christian values, stewardship, and the sacraments of the Church.

School Philosophy

Acknowledging that God is the center of all being, St. Pius X School is dedicated to a philosophy that is rich in Catholic beliefs and values. In cooperation with parents, the school strives to instill in students strong religious, moral, and social values for living by fostering a love of God and neighbor, a love of learning, a respect for virtue, the ability to think constructively, to reason independently, to accept responsibility, and to recognize and meet the needs of others through Christian service.

Hence, the faculty and staff of St. Pius X School endeavor to foster the development of the spiritual, intellectual, physical, cultural, and social behavior of the students. To achieve these goals, St. Pius X School strives to provide the students the atmosphere and materials conducive toward the realization of their potential while recognizing the need for service to others. A well-rounded religious program affords students and faculty active development as Christians. Spiritual growth is nurtured by participating in daily prayer, in weekly liturgies, and in the sacraments of the Church. St. Pius X strives to assist through example and guidance in the formation of productive and patriotic citizens in a safe drug-free Catholic environment.

Mission Statement

In partnership with parents, St. Pius X School strives to empower each student with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to achieve academic excellence, high standards of morality, and the values of Catholic faith. Through our words, actions, and deeds, we encourage the St. Pius X family to "renew all things in Christ."

Vision for St. Pius X School Graduates

In light of St. Pius X School's Beliefs and Mission, below is our vision for what a graduate of St. Pius X School will look like if he/she achieved the NSSE Schoolwide Goals for Student Learning (Learning-to-Learn skills, Expanding and Integrating Knowledge, Communication Skills, Thinking and Reasoning Skills, Interpersonal Skills, and Personal and Social Responsibility).

A St. Pius X graduate:

  • Advances the school's mission and that of our patron saint :to renew all things in Christ by living as disciple of Jesus.
  • Develops good relationships with others.
  • Demonstrates honesty, fairness, and integrity.
  • Seeks opportunities to serve the community and the needs of others.
  • Strives to be an active and responsible citizen.
  • Is adept at meeting challenges by using critical thinking skills.
  • Communicates ideas easily and effectively.
  • Is technologically literate.
  • Is committed to personal development and continues educational growth by being a life-long learner.
  • Maintains an interest in and communicates with fellow classmates through the years to establish an involved and active alumni system.
St. Pius X is open to all qualified students regardless of race, nationality, ethnic origin, or handicapping conditions.