St. Pius X School Alumni Reunions

A Grammar School Reunion?

A reflection by Lisa Taylor Ph.D., '75

Who has ever heard of a grammar school reunion? Well, if you went to a Catholic School in New Orleans, this is the way we roll. St. Pius X was a special place for all of us. Situated in the heart of Lake Vista, the church and school were created for the families of Lake Vista, Lake Shore, and Lake Terrace. Kids walked or rode their bikes to school, even on rainy days. We played outside together, we learned inside together, and celebrated Mass together. So, it was just fitting that we would again come together for our 40th Reunion. I am talking about the Class of 1975 who, this weekend, came from 10 different states just to be with their old classmates.

As we gathered in the Multi Purpose Room at St. Pius, we recognized each other immediately. We did not see grey hair, no hair, wrinkles, or pounds. We saw the beautiful, smiling faces of our youth. We laughed and talked like we saw each other yesterday. We paid tribute to the 5 classmates who died. We took pictures, told stories, and enjoyed each other’s company. Among us were doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, teachers, mothers, and fathers who have accomplished so much thanks to the sacrifices our parents made to send us to such a fine school, St. Pius X. We were honored that our 6th grade teachers joined us (Mrs. Thorpe and Miss Wright, also known as Pam Fulham, principal of St. Pius.) Even the pastor, Fr. Pat Williams dropped in. What a school community! When the reunion was over, no one wanted to leave. We parted with hugs, shared contact information, and promised to see all again for our 50th reunion. May God bless these wonderful classmates and their families.

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